Rejuvenate, Replenish, & Regenerate

We may be bound indoors, but this time has brought pause to reflect. I have been taking time during these chaotic days to look inward and grant myself time to regenerate and replenish my strained energy.

In reflection, we can take a pause for ourselves, dedicating time for self-love and rejuvenation.

During this time, I have been dedicating energy to my skin. Each morning and evening I practice a relaxing ritual of applying facial oil. It has become a simple habit, like the quiet time I spend drinking coffee in the morning, where I can step back and connect with myself.

The practice gives me time to reflect and leaves my skin dewy and hydrated.

For this ritual, I chose an oil from Beigic, the renowned, vegan, clean beauty brand that focuses on utilizing the nutrients found in green coffee bean oil.

I just take three drops of oil and massage them onto my face before any other cream or makeup. The Beigic Regenerating Oil is made from all-natural ingredients including green coffee bean oil, argan, jojoba, rosehip, and almond oils. What I love is that the oil is incredibly lightweight, but I can feel it tightening my skin and have noticed the hydration that results in the most glowy look.

This has been the first face oil I've used that doesn’t leave my skin sticky or overly oily, making it a great first layer before I apply my makeup.

Adding this simple element to my morning and evening routine has given me a chance to pause and reflect on my current state. I encourage you to find pause in your daily life, whether it be through a habitual routine like applying face oil, or through other moments that are dedicated to you.

Giving energy to yourself will give you more energy for others.


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