The Hidden Sportscar Track You Didn’t Know Existed

A two and half hour drive from Chicago and an hour drive from Milwaukee International Airport, this hidden track hosts international drivers and spectators. This summer destination is more than just sportscar racing, the town of Elkhart Lake is home to a crystal clear lake surrounded by resorts.

Home to one of America’s fastest motorsports race track, Elkhart Lake is known for its lively race weekends and picturesque lake resorts. Spend a weekend watching international race teams, from the International Motor Sports Association to IMSA, to indy. You can see vintage races with cars dating back to WWII or follow factory Porsches as they compete against Ferrari. A local favorite is the WeatherTech International Challenge featuring over 400 vintage race cars competing in several groups.

Where to Stay

The Osthoff Resort

Rated as one of the best lakefront resorts of Wisconsin, the luxury Osthoff Resort is home to coastal-chic suites, outdoor pools, a beachfront bar and restaurants, and the rejuvenating Aspira spa. The classic resort is the most popular in the area, walking distance to the downtown and to the crystal clear beach.

Seibkens Resort

Located in the heart of downtown, Seibkens is the place to be during a race weekend. The party begins at the classic German bar, where international drivers have shared beers while celebrating victories for decades.

Aston Flats

The luxury flats are the newest way to stay in downtown Elkhart. The Aston Flats is a modern escape, offering a variety of suites overlooking the downtown. During the WeatherTech International Challenge weekend, these flats are the place to be to watch the vintage car parade drive into town.

The Shore Club

The Shore Club is the ultimate lake destination for families, inviting visitors to indulge in the “lake life”. The recently renovated luxury boutique hotel is known for its beach with a festive tiki bar featuring live music that carries across the lake. The 11-acre estate is home to boat rentals, bumper boats, and indoor and outdoor pools.

Luxury Motor Courts

When traveling with a group, the ultra-modern Luxury Motor Courts offer a heightened experience. From private chefs to stylish suites the villas are created to host families and teams. The villas are adorned with streamlined furniture and accommodations, reflective of the sports cars that dot the streets.

What to Do

Road America

The sound of engines wafts through the town of Elkhart Lake in the summer season as international race teams take to the track of Road America. Spectators flock to the forested track to watch some of the most intense sports car racing in the nation. Road America is known for its lush forested race track with spectacular seating, dining options, and festivals in Elkhart Lake. Indulge in beer-battered Wisconsin cheese curds paired with a classic Johnsonville bratwurst while watching a Ferrari come inches away from a BMW as they race through the turns.

Lake Day

Elkhart Lake’s crystal clear water and white, sandy beaches bring families together in downtown Elkhart. The lake is located in the heart of downtown near all of the resorts, hotels, and restaurants making it a central gathering spot and convenient walk. Spend the day in the sunshine, then head to one of the beachside bars for light appetizers, music, and drinks.

Spa Day

The Ostoff’s Resort is home to the renowned Aspira Spa overlooking Elkhart Lake. Aspira is a destination for luxurious relaxation and reflection. The feng shui design captures the balance of peace and harmony as you embark on a relaxation journey. Start with a fresh smoothie at the Aspira Spa Cafe, indulge in their soothing treatments, and end your day poolside watching the sunset over Elkhart Lake.

Where to Eat + Drink

Paddock Club

The Paddock Club’s vibrant energy and robust, Italian-inspired restaurant is one of the most famous destinations in Elkhart Lake. The restaurant is known for its fresh pasta and savory starters. Located on the main street of downtown Elkhart, you can easily grab a bite to eat and afterward walk down the street to music on the lake.

Off the Rail

The only way to rise and shine in Elkhart Lake is to stop by Off the Rail for a stacked breakfast bagel. The couple started the restaurant to share their love for cooking with the town. Each sandwich is thoughtfully named after railcars - from the Ghost Train to the Amtrack Bagel.

Lola’s on the Lake

For a more upscale, relaxed beach restaurant Lola’s on the Lake is the spot to be. The outdoor patio fills at sundown, with eager eyes watching the sunset over the lake. The eclectic menu offers a bite for everyone from lamb to salmon.

Lake Street Cafe

Lake Street’s bustling energy and the salty smell of their classic, homemade potato chips bring lines out the door at the classic gathering spot. The bistro-style restaurant has a family-like feeling, with a cozy living room type space. Teams of drivers will post up at the bar swapping stories and clinking beers, families will gather at the tables, and laughs will fill the room.

Elkhart Lake is the summer destination you need to add to your list this summer! Be sure to book your party well in advance as the town of Elkhart fills up quickly for race events.


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